Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

“There is today a perception in the business sphere that the success of companies and the lasting benefits for their associated agents are not obtained through a focus on maximizing short-term profits, but rather through market-oriented behavior, however coherent and responsible.”

Announcement of the Commission of the European Communities, July 2002

Nowadays, 20 years later, we continue to believe that lasting benefits (comprehensive sustainability – company, customer, society and environment) are only possible with the involvement and appreciation of people, as they are the ones who create value for companies and customers, and with actions that protect the environment, as good environmental policies and practices can only be applied if people are involved.

These lasting benefits will be the more sustainable the more aligned the parties feel, which is why OMNIUS GROUP is committed to working and applying the best practices, so that this greater objective is achieved.

Our Approach

The OMNIUS GROUP is simply a promoter that creates processes to motivate/involve its employees, customers, suppliers and society in general, to develop management practices that, in a continuous way, can develop and improve attitudes and behaviors that aim at social, environmental and economic responsibility.

It’s a simple, all-to-all strategy.

There are three pillars that are only healthy and sufficiently robust if they are permanently in tune in terms of development in an organization. The collaborators are its drivers.

These values are also fundamental pillars for the sustainability of the group’s companies.


Technologies and digitization are fundamental to help make the world more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Hence the importance of this vector for OMNIUS.
Digital technologies are increasingly directed towards people and companies. The aim is to ensure that everyone has the possibility to acquire the necessary skills to participate in the digital society. We are focused on being at the forefront and properly prepared to face the challenges inherent in an evolving, interconnected and sustainable world.


Environmental factors are today a global imperative, placing companies under increasing scrutiny, forcing environmental aspects to be a highly important variable in decision-making. This greater focus means that we are all permanently confronted with new expectations, requiring our firm pro-activity in the search for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.


We get involved and sponsor the promotion of practices and actions that allow the development of communities and society in general. From the inside out, we drive responsibility, integrity and respect for our fellow man. Only from everyone to everyone is it possible to contribute to a better society.

Corporate Governance

We live and see ourselves as a group, with a very long-term vision of environmental, social and economic sustainability. It is our commitment to the uncompromising defense of the interests of our customers, employees and communities, always supported by transparent and irreproachable structures from a legal, ethical and deontological point of view.

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